Kickstop Anti-thrust Plate Euro Profile


Kickstop Anti-Thrust plate is a flat plate that is fitted to the external face of a door, overlapping the edge and covering the gap between the door and frame. It is intended to prevent someone using an implement to tamper with the latch or bolt. Because it overlaps the edge of the door, it can only be fitted to a pair of doors or a single door that opens outward. For the same reason, if it is fitted to double doors that open inward, it cannot be fitted to the door that opens first. They are non -handed reversible and come complete with Sentinel security screws. Euro Profile cutout. Other sizes, profiles and finishes are available.

  • Size: 203 or 280mm
  • Finish: Satin Silver
  • Euro Cylinder Profile
  • Prevents Doors from being jemmied open
  • Reversible non -handed

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