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Door Selectors

Find the door selector you need at George Boyd. With the correct door closer selector, you can ensure proper door closing sequence. Shop our collection now.

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Included in our door hardware collection, George Boyd stock a wide range of door selectors. The range of door closer selectors can be fitted to the push side of self closing doors on most types of interior doors, enabling doors to perform a proper closing sequence. Using a fixed closer door selector on your interior doors that require fire protection & self closing ensures that your interior doors will always perform a correct closing sequence no matter which door is opened first. 

The range of door closer selectors stocked at George Boyd includes a wide variety of sizes that can accommodate all standard door widths. Our range also includes fire-rated door coordinators for complex projects. The range of door closer selectors from George Boyd are available in various finishes, including satin stainless steel. See the full range of fixed door selectors here.